Barb and Baden’s India Adventure – Part 1


New Blog

Before I get into our trip to India, I wanted to mention a few things about the new look of my blog. I’ve been running my ExcellentAdventure travel blog coming up on 12 years and I’ve been wanting to do some big changes to the blog for several years. Earlier this year I started working on complete overhaul of the entire blog, spending about 3-4 months working on it and the current look is the end result. I’ve made the photos a bit more prominent and removed some of the other clutter. I hope everyone likes it.

Are you sure you want to go to India?

Our travel planning for our India Adventure began in late 2015. We were originally planning another trip to parts of Africa in 2016 but for a number of reasons that didn’t work out. Barb and I have always talked about travelling to India and we agreed that this year was it.

Since we started telling people about our plans to go to India, we’ve had a steady stream of dire warnings about travelling to this country. I’m usually met with initial excitement about this trip but I’ve found that it never took too long for people to quickly transition to warnings about the country. “There’s so much poverty”. “You can get deathly sick”. “You have to stay safe”. These are all true and Barb and I have been mentally preparing ourselves for a country that is so different from all of the other places that we’ve ever been to.

But that’s really the point isn’t it? Experiencing the differences is the reason why we want to go India at all.

Barb and I have talked about that when we conclude our India Adventure we suspect that we’re either going to love India and can’t wait to return again or we’ll vow never, ever go back again. I think that I’m as curious as all of you to see how all of this turns out.

Part 1

I’m publishing this first part of our Indian Adventure from the boarding gate at the Vancouver airport. By the time that I publish Part 2 we will have been in India for at least a few days and I’ll be able to comment on our observations first hand.



  • Heidi

    Have fun and hope you enjoy more stuff than not! Two other ex Overwaitea couples are over there as well. Not sure exactly when but right around now. Keep a look out! ? Most of all have fun!