Our Excellent Big Island Adventure – Part 2


It took almost five hours of driving yesterday but it was worth it. The Kilauea volcano was one of my must-see sites to visit and photograph for years and was probably the main reason for wanting to visit the Big Island here in Hawaii. We didn’t get home until about 10:30PM last night after the 127Km drive back from Volcanoes National Park and today we’re all just relaxing with no set agenda.


On the drive out to Kilauea yesterday, we did a quick stop at Black Sand Beach. Compared to all of the other Hawaiian Islands, the Big Island actually has very few sand beaches as most of them are really just large lava rocks going into the water. The black sand on this beach is quite striking as your mind is not used to seeing sand of this colour.


As this is the first trip together with my sister Wendy and her husband Ray we’ve found that we’re still having lots of fun and continue to enjoy exploring the wide variety of sites here on the Big Island.

Since the first email that I sent out a few days ago I’ve posted more photos to my photo web site, accessible here: http://photos.excellentadventure.ca/. The above photo was taken a few days ago at St. Benedict’s Church which is known as the Painted Church locally.