Our Excellent Big Island Adventure – Part 1

750_0322.jpgWe’re about half way through our trip on the Big Island of Hawaii. Weather has been warm every day in the 30’s and of course very humid. Some days it’s really rained hard in the area around our condo but just 30 minutes drive away was sunshine.

We’ve done two day trips to different parts of the island so far and have some plans for a few more. The first trip was to the east side of the island to Akaka Falls State Park and the town of Hilo. I’m most looking forward to a drive to Volcanoes National Park and that will be about a 2 hour drive each way from our condo and we want to be there after sunset to get the best shots of the lava.

All four of us are having a lot of fun together. I’ve included a link to some of the photos below that I’ve uploaded to my photo web site and I’ll be uploading more each day.