Our Excellent Big Island Adventure – Final


Most likely will be the last out of town excursion that we’ll make on this trip, last night the four of us drove about 112 Km out to the mountain Mauna Kea. Located at the 2800 metre level is the Visitor Information Centre where we spend several hours taking photos of the clouds in the night sky, brilliantly lit up by the moon.


On the drive up to the visitor information centre we drove through the clouds and once we parked at the centre we had a spectacular view of the clouds all sitting below us.

At the 4200 metre level of Mauna Kea are several observatories which are reported to have the best visibility of the night sky anywhere in the world.


Although we spent a lot of out time swimming in the several swimming pools in our condo, we also did several trips to beaches around the island. The Big Island is not really know for its white sandy beaches given that most of the beaches are black volcanic rocks or in some cases, black sand. A few exceptions exists and a few days ago we made a day trip to Hapuna Beach State Park which is about an hour away. This beach had the regular white sand for which most of Hawaii is famous.


Tonight is our last night on the Big Island and tomorrow night we’re flying home. It’s always sad to see the end of a trip like this especially since it’s the first one with Wendy and Ray and we had such a great time together. We’re almost certain to return again to Hawaii and I suspect that it will be a different island next time.

By now I’ve uploaded all of the best photos to my photo web site here: http://photos.excellentadventure.ca

Within a few weeks of returning home I suspect that Barb and I will completely focus our attention on the next trip which is already planned for later this year. Unlike Hawaii which we have been to several time now, this next adventure will be much further away and a completely unique experience.

Until then.