Barb and Baden’s Excellent Caribbean Adventure

It’s Friday the 15th of January and tomorrow Barb and I will be home from being away for about the last ten days. It’s unusual that I’m writing the first blog update at the end of a trip but in this case I had very limited Internet access for most of the trip and it was unavoidable. This update will be relatively brief compared to many of my other blog updates.

I’m writing this from our hotel room in Miami where we have been since yesterday after finishing our cruise through the Caribbean on the previous 7 days.  The cruise was hosted by Barb’s company the Royal Bank which means that all the passengers on the ship either worked for RBC or like me was a guest of an RBC employee.

Our cruise ship stopped at four islands: Dominican Republic, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico and Nassau in the Bahamas and two and half days were at sea. The weather was very favourable, usually between 27 and 30 degrees and sunny the entire time. However for the two days that we’ve spent in Miami, it’s been in the high teens and raining pretty much non stop since we arrived.

We had lots of fun on the cruise since Barb knew many of the people that she had worked with over the years it made it much more like being with friends for a week instead of not knowing anyone. Most days there were events scheduled for the Bank employees but there was still lots of free time and we got to spend a lot of time on shore at the various destinations. Of all of the places that we went to I found that San Juan, Puerto Rico was my favourite and a place that I could see us returning to for a much longer stay.

Last night when we arrived in Miami we walked around the streets where we were located taking photos of the Art Deco hotels that are famous in Miami.

There’s a lot of details that I left out from both the cruise and from Miami but this is all I’ll write for is trip. I’ve uploaded a few photos from our cruise and our short stay in Miami here. Click here to see the photos.

Until our next Adventure,



  • June

    Wow! Fabulous photos Baden! I’m thinking maybe an RBC transfer to San Juan is in order for Barb & you! There won’t be a shortage of visitors! Puerto Rico is on our Bucket List! Thanks for sharing.

  • Pyrenne & Dave (Australia)

    This sounds like a great break for you both. Hope you enjoyed the cruise and safe travel home.

  • Anette

    Great pictures, Baden! Most of all I like the colours, the picture of you and Barb in front of the blue sea and the picture of Socks II 🙂

    Thank you für sharing! All the best from Frankfurt to you both!