Barb and Baden’s Excellent Quebec Adventure – Part 3

Yes, our Excellent Mystery Adventure is now our Barb and Baden’s Excellent Quebec Adventure. Barb and I arrived in Quebec City early this morning after taking the late night flight out of Vancouver and connected through Montreal. Less of a Mystery than Planned

Those of you who have been reading the previous two installments of our “Mystery Adventure” will know that I had gone to great pains to take Barb on a vacation and have her not know where we were going until we got there. Unfortunately this was not to be the case. Not one but two of our friends ended up accidentally telling Barb that we were going to Quebec while talking to her over the past two weeks.

Mental note: If I ever try and do the Mystery Adventure thing again in the future, I have to learn from this and not tell anyone where we’re going – not just the people who I assume will never speak to Barb before we leave.

Although Barb knew we were going to “Quebec” before we left yesterday, she actually only assumed that it was the province of Quebec that people were talking about and not Quebec City. As such, some of the Mystery remained.

Going back a few weeks, the only thing that I told Barb was that she needed to pack for cold weather. Realistically it would have been mean to not give her this clue as much of the things that I have planned on this Adventure will be outdoor activities – in the freezing cold (not the +10 degrees C that we get in Vancouver this time of year).

While we were packing our suitcases over the two days before we left Vancouver, I was reminded about how much extra space it takes to travel for a Winter vacation. Bulky sweaters and other warm clothes really make you wish that you were carrying your biggest suitcase with you so forget about that smaller carry on sized luggage.

Red Eye Express

I had deliberately planned on leaving late on a Friday night and arriving in Quebec City the following day in the early morning. I figured that as long as we could get some sleep on the longer flight to Montreal we would end up arriving here and have virtually a full extra day to spend here. Any other option would have us arriving in Quebec City in the late afternoon and ending up with pretty much of a whole day lost to travel.

As it turned out, I was about to sleep for about 4 hours on the 5 hour flight but Barb not so much. This was the first flight that I used the inflatable neck pillow, the ear plugs and the eye covers to help me sleep on a flight. I have to say that these things really helped me and I slept way more than usual. I highly recommend these things if your catching a flight where you really need to get some sleep.

We arrived in Quebec City and once we got to the airport and got our bags, I finally disclosed to Barb that we were here for the Quebec City Winter Carnival.

Her first reaction was “is that on now”? Based on this response I concluded that there was still some hope for keeping the mystery in our Excellent Quebec Adventure.

Stay tuned for the next chapter as I describe our first day in Quebec City as we start to explore the unique events of the winter carnival…


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