Our Favourite Restaurants – Part 1: Roman Ristorante

I guess it started some time last year when we were going to my mother’s place fairly regularly to bring her groceries. Barb and I wanted to find a place to have a quick bite to eat after coming home and found this tiny Italian restaurant on Kingsway called Roman Ristaorante and had dinner there. 15 or so dinners later at Roman, I’m pretty confident recommending it as one of our favourite restaurants. Located on Kingsway in Vancouver, Roman is one of those nice neighbourhood restaurants where the chef (who’s also the owner) comes to talk to you to make sure that your meal is ok. With a cozy 7 tables, you better get there early on busy nights or call ahead for reservations. We’ve been there on a Fridays and Saturdays and regularly see people being turned away due to full capacity.

What keeps people (like us) coming back again and again are the combination of great food, low prices and good size portions. My favourite is their penne salsiccia which I’ve had now at least 10 times and when ordered as a large size, will be sure to provide 1 and a half extra meals the following days. If you’re a fan of food with lots of garlic, Roman is the place to go as it is obviously used generously.

Being only about 10 minutes away from our house, we have gotten into the habit of calling in pickup orders when the desire strikes and in the last 4 months alone this has doubled the number of dinners we’ve eaten at Roman.

Take our advice and give Roman Ristorante a try.


Roman Ristorante
3399 Kingsway (just west of Tyne St. across from the Safeway), Vancouver