Barb and Baden’s India Adventure – Part 1

New Blog Before I get into our trip to India, I wanted to mention a few things about the new look of my blog. I’ve been running my ExcellentAdventure travel blog coming up on 12 years and I’ve been wanting … Read More

Our Excellent Big Island Adventure – Final

Most likely will be the last out of town excursion that we’ll make on this trip, last night the four of us drove about 112 Km out to the mountain Mauna Kea. Located at the 2800 metre level is the … Read More

Our Excellent Big Island Adventure – Part 2

It took almost five hours of driving yesterday but it was worth it. The Kilauea volcano was one of my must-see sites to visit and photograph for years and was probably the main reason for wanting to visit the Big … Read More

Our Excellent Big Island Adventure – Part 1

We’re about half way through our trip on the Big Island of Hawaii. Weather has been warm every day in the 30’s and of course very humid. Some days it’s really rained hard in the area around our condo but … Read More

Barb and Baden’s Excellent Caribbean Adventure

It’s Friday the 15th of January and tomorrow Barb and I will be home from being away for about the last ten days. It’s unusual that I’m writing the first blog update at the end of a trip but in … Read More

Barb and Baden’s 2nd Spanish Adventure – Final

The Technology More so than on any other trip that we’ve made, the technology has played a more significant role than on most trips. Just the fact that I write this travel blog requires that I have some technology with … Read More